Student Low Vision Training Days

Student Low Vision Training Days

Recently we had two Optical students spend a day with us at the Partially Sighted Society as we can now offer a training day for Trainee Dispensing Opticians and Pre registration Optometrists at our Sight Centre in Doncaster.

Pictured to the right is Alice, who is demonstrating on of our latest digital magnifiers to a patient. The Partially Sighted Society have a huge range of magnifiers and visual aids available for people with visual impairments to sample, allowing them to select the aid that suits their individual needs the best, which is a significant part of the training that is offered by us.

The day consists of the student observing sight examinations focused on the patients’ visual impairments. Each of these can take up to 45 minutes per exam, however once we understand the patients’ eye conditions along with their secondary/tertiary needs we can then narrow down the prospective aids and equipment that are needed.

Following the examination, students on the course will then sit down with the patient to discuss the range of aids and equipment to find out what works best for their particular needs, with the patient receiving a hands-on demonstration of them. This is all conducted under the supervision of the trainer Optometrist or CEO/Low-Vision Assessment Officer who will be watching and offering guidance should it be needed.

If you are a pre-registration Optometrist or Trainee Dispensing Optician and need help with your low vision work or believe that this training would compliment your professional skillset.


Our promotional video of what we do.
Trainee Dispensing Optician showing a patient the benefits of a digital manifier
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