Macular degeneration information

Can you have cataract surgery if you have Macular Degeneration?

Yes you can have cataract surgery. Sometimes your consultant Ophthalmologist will be reluctant to do this surgery as there is a risk of making the Macular degeneration worse.Cataract surgery involves removing the lens in your eye and is replaced with a clear artificial lens. Things will seen much brighter but as you have macular degeneration […]

I See things in my vision but I am registered partially sighted how so?

Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) is a condition that some people get when they lose some or all of their vision. It causes them to have hallucinations (seeing things that aren’t really there) There isn’t a treatment for Charles Bonnet but reassurance that is is a normal part of sight loss is a comfort and confiding […]

Beryl’s Macular Degeneration Story

This Beryl’s story about her diagnosis of macular degeneration and what The Partially Sighted Society means to her. This is a good example of how the Partially sighted help people with visual impairment.

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