Syntonics what is it?

Unlike traditional light therapy, which focuses on specific wavelengths to treat conditions like seasonal affective disorder, Syntonic light therapy takes a more holistic approach. It utilizes a combination of colored lights, pulsation, and sound frequencies to stimulate specific points on the retina.

Articles for the blind

We often have people asking about articles for the blind – this is a service provided by the Royal Mail in the UK. Here is a link to their online article about the Articles for the Blind To send items under the scheme, simply write ‘ARTICLES FOR THE BLIND’ on the front of the envelope […]

What is the best way to use a pocket magnifier?

Using a pocket magnifier

If you are wanting to read a magazine, letter or newspaper it can help to use a clipboard to ensure the reading material is flat.

One method is to bring the magnifier up against the good eye and then bring the reading material up to touch the magnifier until the text is blurred. Then move the reading material away from the magnifier until it become clear.

Can I damage my eyes by sitting closer to the TV? 

NO . If you have low vision or an eye condition that affects your vision it is often a good thing to sit either closer to the TV or the TV closer to you. By being closer to the TV you make the TV larger, and this is like magnifying the TV

What are these floaters in my eyes? 

If you have noticed a sudden onset of black threadlike artifacts in your vision in one eye it could be a sign of a serious eye condition especially if it comes with flashes of light in your vision – you should see you Optometrist however if you have gradually seen more floaters in your vision, it is usually a normal thing. The floaters are created from cells at the retina coming away and floating into the gel of the eye (known as the vitreous) you are not actually seeing the floater but a shadow of them. Therefore, they are rarely seen in very low light  

Can I overuse my dry eye drops? 

Drops for dry eyes usually contain a lubricant and a surface conditioner. All eyedrops on the market these days are preservative free. They are generally used 2 to 3 times per day on a regular basis. If you are not using it on a regular basis then you are missing out on the conditioning. On […]

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