How do cataracts effect your vision ?

Cataracts are generally seen more with age but other medical conditions such as Diabetes can accelerate them. Cataracts make with vision ‘milky’ or ‘cloudy’ especially when the lighting is low. Street lights can have a ‘halo’ around them. You find you need to add more light when reading and it is still difficult. If you […]

How is it best to light things for my reading?

Generally we would recommend a fluorescent task light. These lamps give a very white light and do not get hot like conventional anglepoise lamps. These are best positioned from the side of the person (not over ones shoulder)

I have had a stroke what has happened to my vision?

A stroke occurs when there is a leak or blockage to the blood vessels in the brain. This can lead to quite a characteristic vision loss of half the field of vision in each eye. The loss of vision is called hemianopia and means half vision. If you have had a right hemianopia you may […]

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