Eye Conditions

What are these floaters in my eyes? 

If you have noticed a sudden onset of black threadlike artifacts in your vision in one eye it could be a sign of a serious eye condition especially if it comes with flashes of light in your vision – you should see you Optometrist however if you have gradually seen more floaters in your vision, it is usually a normal thing. The floaters are created from cells at the retina coming away and floating into the gel of the eye (known as the vitreous) you are not actually seeing the floater but a shadow of them. Therefore, they are rarely seen in very low light  

What are the causes of Visual Impairment?

Many different issues can cause visual impairment. Not all of these are related just to the eyes. Many can be related to the pathway between the eye and brain or the part of the brain responsible for processing sight.

What Do I do if I have Low Vision?

If you no longer see an eye specialist and have been discharged, it may be useful to visit an Optometrist (Opticians) they may be able to signpost you to a local service which specialise in helping people with low vision. A good low vision service will have a wide range of equipment including handheld magnifiers and […]

Can you have cataract surgery if you have Macular Degeneration?

Yes you can have cataract surgery. Sometimes your consultant Ophthalmologist will be reluctant to do this surgery as there is a risk of making the Macular degeneration worse.Cataract surgery involves removing the lens in your eye and is replaced with a clear artificial lens. Things will seen much brighter but as you have macular degeneration […]

Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE)

Pseudoxanthoma elasticum or PXE (pronounced ‘pixie’) is a disease affecting many parts of the body. It causes calcium and other minerals to build up in various body tissues, especially those which are usually elastic, such as the skin on the neck, armpits and knees. Affected skin develops a yellow, waxy, ‘cobblestone’ appearance and forms loose […]

I’m told I have dry eyes but they water a lot!

When your eyecare practitioner talks about dry eyes they are talking about the surface of your eye drying out and when this happens then the lids rub against the conjunctiva and white of you eye and it is irritating. The eye then reacts by making more tears to wash out what it thinks is causing the irritation. These tears lack oils which would help to lubricate the eye… the tears evaporate and make the surface dry out even more.

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