Daily LIving With Sight Loss

Articles for the blind

We often have people asking about articles for the blind – this is a service provided by the Royal Mail in the UK. Here is a link to their online article about the Articles for the Blind To send items under the scheme, simply write ‘ARTICLES FOR THE BLIND’ on the front of the envelope […]

Can I damage my eyes by sitting closer to the TV? 

NO . If you have low vision or an eye condition that affects your vision it is often a good thing to sit either closer to the TV or the TV closer to you. By being closer to the TV you make the TV larger, and this is like magnifying the TV

What Do I do if I have Low Vision?

If you no longer see an eye specialist and have been discharged, it may be useful to visit an Optometrist (Opticians) they may be able to signpost you to a local service which specialise in helping people with low vision. A good low vision service will have a wide range of equipment including handheld magnifiers and […]

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